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A Multi-Faceted Solution

Wills & Successions


We offer both public and secret testamenti done individually or in unica charta form. We also offer joint wills for married individuals.


Inheritance or succession is designed to regulate succession in relation to a specific property or other valuables.


Affidavits are written sworn statements and declarations which are carried out voluntarily by an individual under oath.

Causa Mortis

Through the Dikjarazzjoni ta' Trasferiment we can clarify the succession of immovable property of people. This is designed to determine heirs.


Promise Of Sale

Konvenji are a binding promise between property sellers and buyers, during which they agree on the final deed of sale.

Deed Of Sale

The Kuntratt ta’ Bejgħ provides and records the sale of immovable property or vehicles or and serves as a proof of sale agreement.


Divizjoni is a service ideal for anyone who is looking to exchange or part from immovable property in Malta in a legal manner.


Property donation solutions include advice on taxes, legal alternatives, drafting and publishing of contracts and registration of a contract.

Deed Of Emphyteusis

Konċessjoni Enfitewtika is a perpetual contract for land that allows the holder the right of property on certain conditions agreed upon beforehand.

Redemption Of Ground Rent

Fidi ta' Ċens is a temporary emphyteusis agreement or a perpetual one that allows the property owner to redeem ground rent.

Lease Agreements

Ideal for private residential leases. The landlord and lessee shall agree on monthly rent and conditions and sign the contract.


We handle documents required, draft and publish loan contracts promptly and also offer cancellation of loans.

Car/Boat Transfers

These transfers are done upon sale of movable property such as cars, small ships, boats or other vehicles and vessels.



This includes the community of assets, the community of residue under separate administration and the separation of estates.


We offer prenup solutions for couples who are looking to get married to safeguard any property both immovable and movable.

Separations Of Estates

This system enables spouses to retain their estates along with full control and administration over them after marriage.

Cohabitation Agreements

These written agreements are designed to settle certain matters relating to couples living together in the form of an official contract.

Personal Separation

These agreements are designed to regulate financial and non-financial obligations for separated spouses.

Surname Change

This is done for individuals who change their marital status and would like to either retain their or obtain a spouse's surname.

General Legal Services

Power Of Attorney

These authorised contracts allow a person to give another the power to carry out certain affairs in their name. 

Private Writing

Through private writings, you can regulate or dissolve obligations. This can be used for lease or promise of sales agreements. 

Notarisation Of Documents

This service is designed to certify the authenticity of a document through a notary. This includes witness and record authentication.

Passport Certification

Through this service, we are able to certify the authenticity of a passport presented to us.

Witness Signature

This is the official act of providing proof of identity for signers of documents and other legal papers.

Document Authentication

The legalisation of documents is issued by public notaries in order to confirm legitimacy.

Commissioner For Oaths

This service is designed to attest to the legitimacy of affidavits and other legal contracts.